Wishes to the Bridegroom;SS&AM

29092021 - Sho!!! Aiba!!! Kekkonshiki Omedetou~~~!!!
You guys don't know how happy I am when I received the news. Like; eh? You guys are married?. I NEARLY THOUGHT YOU GUYS ARE MARRIED WITH EACH OTHER! 😆
Silly you to announce it together and silly me to believe that both of you married each other 😂.
I still cannot believed that both of the idols that I adore so much are already a husband to a wife 🥺. I'm so happy you know 😭💕.

Living my life and growing up with you guys is a journey that I'll never forget. I'm married also and to finally live with your life partner is actually dream come true. Like, you finally have someone to lean on when life gives you lemons. Also, to have someone to talk and share, is every person's dream. I'm glad to have that kind of partner, and to be his wife is one of my dream, and I'm pretty sure you guys feel the same too. After so long you work hard to make us happy, it is time for you to make that someone special to you happy.

All of you deserve to be happy. Ignore the hate and just living your own life happily. I don't know for how many times I said that I am happy because I AM TRULLY HAPPY WITH THE NEWS (T ^ T) I felt like a sister who witnessing her brother's wedding. Its a dream come true.

So, to both our Red & Green Ranger ; Sakurai Sho & Aiba Masaki, wish you a bright future and a happy life. Stay healthy, stay safd, eat well and live well. Protect your life, protect your wife and protect your little family. As an Arashian since 2008, I'll always here waiting for more good and happy news from you. I'll keep waiting for that day to c

adaywe:thdaisy ||Entry||

23092021 - I totally forgot that I have this journal account. Like, since my emotion are not that stable lately, so why not using this medium as my own diary right. Plus I think I need a place to pour all of my emotions, because sometimes, people around me not really understand my condition. So yea..

And also can be a medium for me to rant, or fangirling. I started a youtube cover under the name ; adaywe:thdaisy. Most of the song are korean, but there's 1 song from Arashi (Treasure of Life). Reason for lack of Japanese cover is because I'm afraid with the copyright thinggy (╥_╥).
So far, for Arashi, Treasure of Life cover, it's still there and survive. So maybe I can cover more in the future.

I'm in a middle of recording another song from Arashi. The title will not be known until the cover is out. All I can say is that, this song really give me some motivation (well, all their songs are good), but this particular song really made me realoze something in me. The cover will be up on 5th October. Why 5/10? Because there's so many things in my life related to the number 5.

I really hope that, whoever listen tp it, will at least have a courage to keep living. My cover maybe not that good as the original (will never be), but still, I hope there are people who will listen to it.

This is the link to the Treasure of Life cover by me :

This is adaywe:thdaisy, good bye ❀

Fishing Leader~

Ame on January

As you know, yesterday Arashi itself officially announce about them being hiatus by the end of 2020. I feel nothing yesterday. But as time goes by, the feelings start to strike me. Listening to their song whether happy or sad, especially happy song can make me tear up. How can we not notice how hurt they are. But, yeah, we're just a human.

Ohno, you've done your best as Arashi leader. I know my job now is to let you find your own happiness. Go on Riida. Go find your happiness and do what you really desire. I can just give you support. Thank you for this never-ending love. I really admire you.. I really love you.
We'll be waiting for you. I promise.

The 5 Warriors Master Post

Title : The 5 Warriors
Pairing : All members
Genre : Action,friendship
Rating : G
Disclaimer : Arashi is belong to  Johnny's. I just own the plot.
Summary : Those accident make their bond stronger. What will happen to them when one of them are missing...?
A/N : This is my first fanfic. Sorry if it looks terrible and messy.

Ohno  Sho  Aiba  Nino  Jun

[Chapter 2 : The Apprentice]

Matsumoto is focusing on the news at the television.The elder sit not so far from him and look at him,but when the younger look at her,she pretend to read a book,or a magazine.Then,when Matsumoto take a walk at their garden,the elder seems following him and again,when the younger turn back,the elder pretend to water the flower.Next one is,when Matsumoto is going upstair to do his assignment,the elder take a peek at his room.

"Yabai..I have to meet Nakamaru tonight.Better leave now or I will be home late."

The younger take his cellphone and pull his door.He go downstair and ask a permission to go out from his mother.He then quickly go to his friend's house.

The elder then sneaking from their house and follow her younger brother.

On the way to Nakamaru's house,Matsumoto stop by to help an old woman to cross the street.His good deed make the elder proud of him.Then,she think for a while.

"I guess he's old enough to take care of himself."

"I guess so.."


The elder shock and scream when she found that her younger brother is now in front of her.Her scream make all the people around them to look at them.

"Can you tell me,why you keep stalking me?"

"Stalking you? No way..!! Why on earth I want to stalk you!?"

"Just like you said, 'Just for fun'."

The elder smile and give a soft punch to the younger.

"I can't believe that you're old enough to take care of yourself.I feel like I just saw you crying with your knees bleeding."

"Hey..,I'm 1st ear student right now.So,there's no way that I can't take care of myself."


"Besides,I know that you'll always beside me no matter what happen.You're my sister."

"Ahahaha..you must be embarrass for saying that."

"You know a lot of me than anybody else."

"Of course I am.I'm the one who~.."

"Okay,stop it right now."

"Why? You feel embarrass if I said that..."

"C'mon.Let's go home now."


Matsumoto shut his sister's mouth.Everyone at that road just smile widely at them.Maybe because,they think that both of them are couple.

"Eh? It's Matsumoto-kun right?"

"Yeah.Let's say hello to him."


Both Matsumoto turn their body and saw some girls and boys wave at them.

All of them,walk straightly to both of them.

"Its rare to see you here,Matsumoto."

"Just take a walk,I think."

"Who's she? Is she your girlfriend?"

"Ah..,actually she is my..."

"Yes,I'm his girlfriend.We've been each other since 5 years ago."

"What?! Jun,you never tell us before that you have a girlfriend,I thought that you don't have one."

"This is because he is so shy when talk about relationship."

"Sis..,cut the crap now."


"This beautiful girl is y..your..sister..?"

"Yeah,she's my sister and my ONLY sister."

"Wow..!! What a great family that you have,Matsumoto-kun."

"Yeah.Matsumoto-kun sister's skin is so beautiful just like yours."

"Hontou?? Thank you very much beautiful young ladies."

"Okay,it's time for us to leave.See you all tomorrow."

"Eh? B..but,I want to know your friends."

"It's getting late now.You can meet them tomorrow."

"Okay,young ladies,see you tomorrow."

All of them just watch both Matsumoto walk from there until their shadow disappear.

* * * * *

The next day,Matsumoto goes to the academy like always.On his way,he saw a snatch thief snatch an old lady's handbag.The old lady scream out loud searching for a help from people around her.Matsumoto then rush to catch the thief.He run as far as he could to catch that thief.He can see the thief enter the narrow street not far from there.He follow the thief to the narrow street when suddenly he saw the thief is beaten by a guy.

"It's you again..?! How long did you want to do this stuff, ji-chan..?!!"


"Ji-chan..,do you want me to do THAT again to you?"

"No..please let me free."


"Oww..,is it yours?"

"No..,it belongs to that oba-chan."

"My handbag...!!"

The old lady come and take her handbag.She also check all stuff in her handbag but luckily,all the stuff is there and nothing missing include her purse.

"Thank you very much young man.Both of you are very brave."

"It's nothing ba-chan."

"Take this as a reward."

"No,its okay."

"I take my leave then.Thank you so much."

"You're welcome."

Then the old lady leave both young man and the thief at the street.When Ninomiya busy cleaning his school uniform,the thief get up and run away from there and he almost bump with Aiba.Luckily Aiba avoid him and let he run away.

"Isn't that the old man that beat me last week?"

"I guess he is.Anyway,why are you here Aiba-san?"

"Hey,this is the way that I always use when going to school.It is me who suppose to ask you that question.Why are you here?"

"This is the way that I always use when going to school."

"Hey..that's my wo..Is he your friend,Nino?"

"What? Who?"

"I'm Matsumoto Jun,1st ear student at Machinami Private Academy."

"Ma..Machinami..P..Private Academy..!!??"

"Why are you here? Your school is suppose to be that way right?"

"It's true.It is because just now I saw that old man snatch the old lady's handbag,so I run to catch him."

"I've sent a lot of application to that academy,but it seems like all my application is been rejected."

"It's not a big deal Aiba-san.besides you're not suit to go to that school anyway."

"Oi..,are you trying to say that I'm not intelligent enough to go to that school?!!"

"You're the one who saying that.I'm not saying anything."

"Nino..you're really..."

"Okay Aiba-san,I know that I'm intelligent enough.Let's go,we're late now."

"Jyaa~ Matsumoto-chan."


Ninomiya and Aiba walk together to their school,followed by Matsumoto.

"Hmm...it looks like the late of Nori-sama is correct about them."


* * * * *

The 5 Warriors Master Post

Title : The 5 Warriors
Pairing : All members
Genre : Action,friendship
Rating : G
Disclaimer : Arashi is belong to  Johnny's. I just own the plot.
Summary : Those accident make their bond stronger. What will happen to them when one of them are missing...?
A/N : This is my first fanfic. Sorry if it looks terrible and messy.

Ohno  Sho  Aiba  Nino  Jun

[Chapter 1/2 : The Apprentice]
continue from the last chapter. . . .

"You're so cool when you fight against that thug just now.And your word,it almost makes me wanna cry."

"Yeah..so cool enough better than you,and hell no if I want to give that money to him.Over my dead body first."

"But,didn't you said that you're from a rich family? So,it really gonna be alright if he take your money,right?"

"You mor*n,it's obviously a lie.Since when I said yes about that.I just say maybe."

"Who is the guy that you said mor*n just now? Anyway,it's a large amount for a 1st year student to have it right?"

"It's my pocket money that I've been save for almost 1 week and 3 days.I save it because I want to buy my favourite game that will be out on sale next week."

Wait a minute.Game?

Ninomiya immediately take out his game that he put inside his bag before he helped Aiba and that boy.

"Owh sh*t!! I'm lose again..!!"

"What?! At this time you still playing your game? You're 1st ear student right now."

"It's all your fault..!!"

"Excuse me,it's just a game you know,and I have no connection at all with that child thing.."

"What is the CHILD THING that you said?"

"Your game of course."


Ninomiya shake Aiba's body until that poor guy's head going dizzy.

So,are you still thinking that both of them will make a good partner?

* * * * *

The bell's rang,which mean the school session are just ended.All the student at Machinami Private Academy pack their things and ready to go back home.As for some student,they will be at the library to have their own study.

"Yo! Jun..Are you coming with us?"

"No,it's fine."

"Mind to tell us what's the reasons for this time?"

"My turtle want to give a birth,so I have to be beside 'her'."

"For real !!?? No way..!!"

"Kyaa..!!! Matsumoto-sama have a turtle!??!!"

"Matsumoto-kun,how many turtle do you have?"

"Just one."

"Just one?? Hey...if you just have one turtle,how can 'she' pregnant without 'him'..?"

"Sorry guys,I have to go.Jyaa ~"

"Hey..where do you want to go.."

"Haaah...he's always avoid when we invited him."

"My sisters must be angry if I don't bring him to home today."

"What? Wait..is it your elder sister or younger sister?"

"Both of them."

Matsumoto Jun is the 1st ear student in Machinami Private Academy.He is the popular student in his academy.He's good in academic and other stuff make him the number one man that-is-suitable-for-being-a-good-husband.It's not just the female student who fall-in-love with him,but even the school teachers too.Although he's always been chased by the girls,there is just one person that he almost care and love.The girl is Aragaki Yui,his childhood friend.She's now in the 2nd ear and the unlucky thing is,she has a boyfriend.At first,he can't except it,but after his sister gave an encourage word to him,he except his destiny.

* * * * *


"Okaeri Jun.."

"OKAERI NASAI JUN-CHAN..!!!! I'm so miss you..!!"

"Sis..stop it.Its embarrassing you know."

"Who cares,as far as I can see my cute little brother.."

"Enough both of you.C'mon let's eat together."

"I change my uniform first."

The younger go upstairs to get change but something bother him along his way.

"Sis..What are you doing?"

"Following you of course."

"And what's the reasons?"

"Just for fun."

Then,the door slam hardly make the elder sister pout and go downstair.

Another minute later,the door opened and the owner going straight to the dining room.He then sit in front of the elder sister which is still pouting.

The younger look at his sister with an innocent face.All the Matsumoto's family take their tea together.

* * * * *

The 5 Warriors Master Post

Title : The 5 Warriors
Pairing : All members
Genre : Action,friendship
Rating : G
Disclaimer : Arashi is belongs to Johnny's. I just own the plot.
Summary : Those accident make their bond stronger. What will happen to them if one f them are missing...?
A/N : This is my first fanfic. Sorry if it looks terrible and messy.

Ohno  Sho  Aiba  Nino  Jun

[Chapter 1 : The Apprentice]



There's a guy who appear from nowhere and start to fight that thug.Ninomiya just stand still at the corner of the road.He think for a while.

"Hmm,I bet that guy must be strong enough to handle this.Besides,it just one person.Better of from here."

The guy keep fighting in order to save the boy's life.Ninomiya start to move on when suddenly he heard another voice search for a help.He turn back and saw that guy who want to save the boy is beaten by the thug.

"Seems like I HAVE to interfere in this problem."

Ninomiya put his game inside his bag and walk directly to the thug.

"Sumimasen.Actually I don't want to interfere with your problem,but it's not a good way to seek for a money."

"Who are you..!! What do you want..!!"

"I just want you to leave this place."

"Who do you think you are school boy.!! Or you want this.."

The thug take out his knife.Ninomiya shock for a while.

"Better all of you give me all your money that you got,or else..."

Then,the thug point his knife to the guy and the boy.Both of them look terrified and start to take out their wallet.

"What is going on with him."

Ninomiya keep thinking of what he supposed to do and then he smirk.

"Hey..!! Calm down ji-chan. You want some money right?

I have some extra from my pocket money."

"How much do you have?"

Ninomiya take out his money from his wallet.He bet that the thug must be fall by his trick.

"That's a lot of money."

"Yeah,it IS a lot of money.Here you go."

"Wait a minute,are you trying to deceive me?"

"What? No way.. What are you thinking of."

"Okay. I bet that your mom must not know about this right?"

"Nah..she's not.It just a small amount for her if she knows."

"Are you trying to tell me that you're from a rich family."

"Maybe.Anyway,she can give me more than that."

"Woow..!! That interesting. What a lucky day for me today.Hahaha..so long school boy.."

He take the money from Ninomiya while laughingWhen he got what he want,he walk away from there with a happy face.

"Not so fast CRAZY OLDMAN.."


Ninomiya take a tennis ball that he found and throw the ball straight to the thug's head.Well,all of us know that he is good at baseball and known as a great pitcher in his old school.The tennis ball goes exactly to what he target.



The oldman rub his pain head.

"Do you want to play with me again,ji-chan?"


"And...this money of course.."

"Just take it all and stay away from me.."

The oldman run with all his might.Now,it just the three of them at that road.

"Oniisan sugoi...!!!"

"Its nothing. Are you hurt?"

"Not at all.Arigatou,oniisan."

"Ah,this is yours."

Ninomiya give the money that belongs to the boy.He also advice the boy that he should not walk alone here.The boy nod his head and say thank you to Ninomiya and walk away from there.

"Mind to help me..?"


Ninomiya help the guy to stand up.His shirt is now full of dust and sand.

"Eh? You're one of Toukyo Gakuen student right?"

"Ah,sou desu.I'm Aiba Masaki,the 2nd year student."

"1st year student,Ninomiya Kazunari."

"Nice to meet you."

"So,you're the senpai."

"Hait,sou desu ne."

"But your face doesn't look like a senpai to me."

"Eh? What..do you mean.."

"I mean,a senpai must be strong enough to protect their kouhai."

"Ano..it is because...."

"And..they must be willing to die for the sake of their kouhai.But when I look at your performances just now,it's totally different of what I imagine."

"Oi..that's not a good way to say hello to your senpai.And that imagination,that's nonsense.There's no way a senpai should willing to die for the sake of their kouhai,all of them must have their own life too,right?"

"Yeah,yeah...whatever.Bet that my prediction of a senpai just fail today."

"Oi,oi..what do you mean by JUST fail today."

Both of them walk away from there.Aiba Masaki is the 2nd ear student at Toukyo Gakuen,the same school as Nino.He is known as the 'Sunshine" in his class due to his extreme behavior .He always smile and laugh no matter what happen.Although he look so happy everyday,but actually he always been bullied by a naughty or bad person,especially by Yamagata Goto and his gang.And today,he almost been killed by a thug but luckily Ninomiya comes and save him.Hmm..seems like both of them will be a good partner,aren't they..

On their way . . .

The 5 Warriors Master Post

Title : The 5 Warrior.
Pairing  : All members.
Genre : Action,friendship.
Rating : G.
Disclaimer : Arashi is belong to Johnny's. I just own the plot.
Summary : Those accident make their bond stronger,what will happen to them if one of them are missing..?
A/N : This is my fisrt fanfic. Sorry if it looks terrible and messy.

Ichinose-san - Nino - Ryuji

[Chapter 1 : The Apprentice]


[Chapter 1 : The Apprentice]

"Look at him."

"Yeah..,how could he do that to Ichinose-san's brother."

"I wonder,how he is when with his own family."

The female students whispered to each other.Every 1st ear student gathered at the corridor to see the fight between Ichinose Ryuji from 1-A and Ninomiya Kazunari from 1-EL.They also don't know what the reasons of the fight,but it seems like everybody blame Ninomiya Kazunari because punch the president's brother.

"I will tell this to the school council..!!"

"Just tell them everything that you want..!!I'm not scared of you..!!"


"How dare you do that to Ichinose-san's brother..!! Are you crazy or what..!!"

"I'm always dare to do that to him..and as for you,mind your own business,b*tch..!!"

"How dare you say that to Seren..!! Take this..!!"

Ninomiya fall to the ground.

"You're such a Romeo.."

Ninomiya punch him back.

The fight continue until the President and the School Council's members arrive to see what was happening.

"Both of you stop it right now..!!"

All the student shut their mouth.Then,the president started to say something.

"Mind to tell me,what on earth is going on here?"

Both Ninomiya and Ichinose become silent.Both of them give a sidelong glance to each other.None of them dare to speak.

The president give a short sigh.

"All of you,go back to your class.As for both of you,meet me at the school council's room after the school session."

Every student nod their head and quickly back to their class.The corridor are now desolate.

"Just wait and see."

Ninomiya just stared at him

"Nino-kun,are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure? Your nose are bleeding."

"It's okay. I'm really fine."

"No. You're not okay. Let us treat you."

Some of 1-EL student help Ninomiya to get up.All of them feel like want to flog that Ryuji and his gang mercilessly.

* * * * *

"If I get that Ryuji, I will punch him until his nose is broken."

"Just forget about him. Better we study rather than talk or think about him."

All the student nod,signing that they agree of what Nino just said.

Ninomiya Kazunari is the 1st ear student in Toukyo Gakuen.He's a genius and good in sport especially the baseball.He always get an excellent result in all the exam since he's in primary school.Maybe that is why he's now in EL class,which stand for Elite.Although he's good in both domain,but there's still a lot of people who doesn't like him especially Ichinose Ryuji which is his old rival.Maybe it is because of his razor tongue when give his own thought.

* * * * *

Knock! Knock!

"Come in.."

Both of them enter the student council's room.They stand in front of the student council's president desk.

"Now,can any of you tell me what is going on that time?"

"Aniki,I saw him smoking in the gent's room."

"Owh,cut the crap.He's lying.You know that I won't do that."

"Do you have a proof,Ryuji?"

"Yes,I have."

He take out a box of cigarette in his pocket and give it to his brother.

"There he goes.Its obviously a lie.You know that I won't buy an expensive things."

"Who knows that you're saving your pocket money to buy the expensive cigarette."

"Where did you find it?"

"I found it in his bag."

"What?! It's impossible. I never brought it to school you know."

"Do you have a witness?"

"Yes,she's outside the room."

"Haru-san,please call the girl."


A minute later,Harukawa enter the room with a female student.

"You are..?"

"I'm I..Ishimoto...M..Minako...,from 1-EL class."

"So,Mina-chan..are you sure that you saw Ninomiya Kazunari bring this cigarette?"


Minako look at Ryuji.His face looks like a hungry lion who was searching for its prey.

"I'm asking you for the second time.Are you sure that you saw Ninomiya Kazunari bring this cigarette to school.?"

Her hands started to sweat.Her mind now are completely blank.Then,the hungry lion look at her with a deadly glare.


"Y..yes..I saw it."


Ryuji curved a cynic smile.

"I'm sorry Nino.I can't help you."

"But,this is not mine.You have to believe me."

"I'm sorry,but the proof is here and there's a witness too."

"No luck for you today."


Ninomiya grab his shirt and push him to the window.


"I know it's you who put it into my bag..!."

"Ninomiya,stop it."

"How can you know its me who put it into your bag? You don't even have a witness to proof it."

"Ninomiya! Ryuji! Stop right now!"

Ninomiya loosen his grip and walk away from there.Minako felt guilty to Ninomiya,but she have no choice or she will be bullied by them.

* * * * *

The next day . . .

Minako goes to school like usual.In front of the school gate,there was Ryuji and his gang,waiting for someone.She just ignore their appearance but suddenly. . .

"There she is.."


"What do you want."

"Owh..nothing.Just want to thank YOU for yesterday."

"I've done my work,so don't ever get near to me."

"C'mon.Let's have some fun."

"Guys,just let her go.She has no use to us right now."

She seems very guilty with Ninomiya.Then,she continue her walk and straightly go to her class.It's very noisy when she enter the class.Everybody looks like do their own work.She even see the female student gossiping while take a glance to her.She know that they are talking about her.It seems like yesterday incident are now spreading into the whole EL class.Now,she have to take all the consequence that she has done.

Suddenly,the class become quiet when Ninomiya enter.

"Ohayou minna.."


"Nino-kun,are you okay?"

"What? Of course I am.Doushite?"

Everyone in the class storm to Nino when he take out his textbook and his game.

"We heard that you fight with that Ryuji in the student council's room.Is it true?"

"Yeah,a little but it's okay.It just a small fight."

"We also heard that Ryuji accuse you for smoking at the gent."

"Maji..!!!?? That bastard,I'm sure that I'll broke his nose one day..!!"

"Hey..that's my word.."

"Hahaha..gomen ne,Kazu."

"Both of us also heard that one o us in THIS class ecome a witness for that Ryuji."

"Yeah..,what a shame become a witness to that loser.All of us know that we've een hated by all the class since this class exist 3 years ago."

All their eyes are now looking at Minako,except for Ninomiya.

"Cut it guys.I know that she must be threated by him."

"How could you be so serious? You might be suspended if it's true."

Ninomiya keep playing his Nintendo DS.A few minutes later,their homeroom teacher enter the class and they start to take their lesson.

* * * * *

On the way back home,Ninomiya took his usual way to his house,since the main road is so busy.It is such a quiet road because there's no one dare to use this road to their home.It is because older people always said that this road is full of thugs,so that's why there's no other people except him who use this road.

Ninomiya continue his walk while his eyes keep staring at his Nintendo.He's on his way to finish the level until he heard someone's voice search for a help.

"Give me that money..!!!!"




Ninomiya run to the voice and . . .


* * * * *

-->This is my first time writing story.So,I hope that all of you like it.Sorry to all Kazunarian for making him..you know...'smoking' at his 1st year in school.Feel free to comment or leave any suggestion in order to improve this story.
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